First live test of Shop or Drop app

Sometimes Shop or Drop app can be the most dangerous app on your phone.  We sent Maša to Vienna for first live test of Shop or Drop app. Naturally, she took selfies in clothes she wasn’t completely sure about buying and sent them to us via Shop or Drop to get advice. Well, she has a great fashion taste and every outfit she sent seemed awesome to us. We found ourself clicking ‘SHOP’ more often than ‘DROP’.  Here is what happened:

Shopping in Vienna


Shop or Drop song

This is how Shop or Drop app works put in a song.

International version in English will be available soon.

“Ko nakupujem in se dilema pojavi,

mi jo aplikacija Shop or Drop hitro odpravi.

Nadenem si hlače in zaženem aplikacijo,

v kabini se slikam in poklikam za akcijo.

Izberem prijatelje, pošljem samo njim,

in hitro dobim potrdila da je šal “fin”.

Neodločnost je šla

in v torbi imam nova artikla dva.

Počutim se dobro, kul, kot gospod,

hvala ti ful, aplikacija Shop or Drop.”

Slovenian speaker with a poetic soul – care to take a challenge and make an English version of the song? Just leave it in the comments, you are most welcome!

How to ‘Shop’ and not ‘Drop’ dead with your girlfriend

Q: How do you shop for clothes?

Man’s answer: “Simple. You to go the store, see pants that look kind of cool and fit you, buy them.”

Woman’s answer: “Well, you go to the shopping center and start browsing a bit…”

And gents, there it is, one of the most particular words in a women’s vocabulary – ‘Browsing‘. Innocent looking, but when its related to shopping and coming out of the mouth of a woman you’re in relationship with, then it can be a bummer.


Shopping habits of women are very different and for most men difficult to understand. While we are by evolution programmed to ‘go get ‘em’, women’s mind works a bit more colourful.

It all starts way before the store. Women get their fashion ideas from looking at other women, browsing fashion magazines and talking to each other. The real browsing begins in the shopping center, followed by picking clothes that will likely look awesome on them. Then they try them on. And look into the mirror. And keep looking, deciding if it’s awesome enough. The decision process is outrageously complex, but in most cases it all comes down to you being the judge of her outfit. That’s right, when you go shopping with your girlfriend, you are there for one very important reason – you are the one that has to tell her how she looks in that outfit.

Much depends on your judgement. The outfit must look cool in the eyes of her friends, parents, co-workers… Your responsibility is considerable. She’ll try to convince you to tell her honestly how she looks. But you know that she doesn’t want to hear ‘that pants make you look fat’ or ‘that shirt doesn’t look good on you’.

But dear gents, have no worries, we have a solution for you. One that doesn’t involve you being dragged along in fashion stores. One that will enable her friends, parents or anybody she chooses to tell her how she looks in new outfit. Now the judgement is shared by everybody, which resolves you of heavy responsibility.


And its so simple. It’s called Shop or Drop app. You should check it out before her next shopping.

The best part – you can sit on your couch watching the game and click ‘Shop’ or ‘Drop’ between the commercials.

Disclaimer: Of course there are guys out there that love shopping with their girlfriends. Don’t get us wrong, we’re just trying to help guys who find it somewhat bothersome.

4 Essential Tips on How to Make a Great ‘Selfie’

For ShopOrDrop app it is really useful to have some good directions on how to make a great ‘selfie’.

selfie        (/ˈsɛlfi/)

noun (plural selfies)

informal – a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

So how to make a great selfie? Simple. Just follow the these 4 essential selfie-taking tips.

1. Look Your Best

A selfie is not unlike any other photo – you always want to look your best.  Lets be hip and use Miley Cyrus famous selfie for example. 


Miley Cyrus selfie

Miley Cyrus famous selfie

Notice the fashionable sunglasses and impeccable lipstick and make up? Miley is no rookie in taking selfies, she knows the most important thing about selfies is always to look your best. Whether you’re buying clothes in your local store or skydiving on the Gold Cost in Australia, remember to always look your best.

2. The Lighting

Every professional photographer will tell you that an essential ingredient to make a great selfie is lighting. Even if you do look your most awesome self, the selfie may be ruined by bad lighting. So always keep in mind to have sun or lights shinning of your face.

3. The Background

You are the center-piece of every great selfie. Clearly in selfie, it’s all about you, right? Well, not exactly. The background plays a major role in what it tells about yourself. An untidy bathroom in the background will give an impression that you’re a mess, even though you look perfect. Always try to express yourself through the background. And it’s so simple. It’s really hard to change how you look on the selfie, but the background – that’s easy. Just tidy up, move a chair or a vase, hold a flower to your nose and you’re done.
nasa selfie

This is how NASA does background on their selfies

4. The Yourself

You look your best, have perfect lighting and a killer background. Well, every good selfie will have that, but what makes a good selfie a great selfie, how to get from 10 Facebook likes to 100, to really get noticed? It’s the ultimate ingredient – yourself! Remember, selfie is all about you. What people want to see in a selfie is who you are, what makes you click. It is absolutely essential for you to include your personality, which distinguishes you from all others and makes you unique, in the selfie. Don’t be afraid to show how special you are – express yourself by making a funny face (duckface is not that unique), wear a skirt that you like or strike a pose people will talk about. The possibilities are endless. You may even consider going to the store, putting on a killer outfit that best expresses you and use ShopOrDrop app to share your selfie with your friends. And who knows, they might even like your outfit so much you’ll have to buy it!

Microsoft sponsored App Accelerator in Osijek, Croatia

Microsoft App Accelerator Camp was a great adventure and learning experience for us. Here are a few glimpses from Osijek, Croatia.

Enjoying the local cuisine.

Enjoying the local cuisine.

Creating Shop or Drop landing page.

Creating Shop or Drop landing page.

Taking marketing advice.

Taking marketing advice.


Presenting Shop or Drop's turquoise design.

Presenting Shop or Drop’s turquoise design.


No decent programming is done sober.

Sipping beer while working, because no decent programming was ever done sober.


Presenting the app to Microsoft experts.

Presenting the app to Microsoft experts.


Saying farewell to Osijek, it was fun!

Saying farewell to Osijek, it was fun!